Friday, 13 August 2010

My First Blog

Well this is my first blog, so I should really introduce myself. My name is Kyle but i also go by the handle of Johnny T Impulse. Which i made up one time when i was drunk and randomly started calling myself Johnny T Impulse and it kinda stuck. But back to me introducing myself. Am 24 years old, which scares me every time i say it out loud, but it could be worst. I could be 24 with 4 kids with 4 different mothers and no job. So am doing pretty well i guess. I live in the United Kingdom in a city called London, where i have spent most of my life. Its a cool place i guess but does get on my tits every now and then. Nobody ever smiles and are always in a hurry. Which is pretty sad. What else can i say about me. I have a degree in Marketing Communcations but i have decided that I wanna do something that will help benefit peoples lifes. So i wanna become a teacher, not another slave to the "man". I don't even know who the "man" is but i know he is meant to be evil and steals the souls of children and puppies. Or so i have heard. I work part time-ish at a retail store which i willn't name, because if i do, i could get in a lot trouble and we will leave it as that. For now mmm haha haha ha. I like to make videos on Youtube every now and then. If you ever wanna check them out just search for Hanging with Mr Impulse or just check out my channel I like to Rollar Blade and Skateboard. Am better at Roller Blading then i'm skateboarding as i have been skating since i was like 8 or 9. Skating relaxs me and clears my head. I also like to read and collect Comic books and comic related stuff. I only rescently gotten back in to comics. Well more like 3 years ago. My favourite super heroes are Batman, Spider-man, The Flash, Superboy, Nightwing and Wolverine. I know, i know, i know. Wolverine is soooo over-rated. That only because he is over used in the media. But the character himself is so awesome. He is one Angry dude. I still watch Cartoons, well mainly anime and cartoons i watched when i a kid/teenager like Digimon and other, which i will talk about more in future blogs. Am a big gamer, i own like nearly game console has come out. Expect the crappy ones like that one made by Panasonic in the middle 90's and some other lame ones. I play Call of Duty like everyday. That game is freaking awesome. I cant think of anything else to write at this time. I hope you enjoyed my first blog. In my next blog i shall be talking about something interesting i hope. Like comics or something.

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