Monday, 16 August 2010


My weekend was alright. I haven't been to much expect working a lot of Comic book related Movies. Like DareDevil, Batman: Under the Red Hood and Planet Hulk. Which are all ever good movies.

DareDevil is bloody awesome. Its so underrated. Next to the Chris Nolan Batman films, i would have to say DareDevil gets the character of Matt Murdock to the letter T. He is a dark character and the film itself is very dark and the Blu-Ray version is even better as it has all the uncut bits which was meant to be in the original version. Which makes the film like 20mins more longer. Coolio is even in and his scenes bring more to the story. Personally i liked Ben Affleck as DareDevil. He felt the character very well and he is actually a DareDevil fan which is pretty cool. The casting was spot on, i think they picked the right people. But i didn't notice a movie mistake but it wasn't in DareDevil but in Eletktra, which i also watched this week. In DareDevil she has bright green eyes and in the the Elektra movie, she has brown eyes. Anyways back to me talking about DareDevil. Its pretty sad that there willn't be a Sequel. But fingers crossed to there being a Reboot. Which is meant to be on the top of Marvel's film list. But i wonder who would play DD. But after watching this movie again after 3 or 4 years, i really wanna start reading DareDevil. If anyone wanna buy me some DareDevil trades, i would be very very happy.

Now on to Batman: Under the Red Hood. Just incase some of one don't know its not a live action movie. Its actually a animated movie. Which is based on an actual story line from the comics of the same name. But its been shorten down as the comic book story went on for 2 years. This animated movie does the comic justice even if they had to change a few things so that people that really don't know much about Batman or the Red Hood could watch it without feeling lost or confused. Out of all the DC anitmated movies, i would have to say that this one is the best one yet. It wasn't just mind blowing action with no plot like Superman/Batman: Public Enemies which was good but the story was really poor. The voice Actors in Under the Red Hood are awesome. Bruce Greenwood(Captain Pike from the new Star Trek movie) provides the voice of Batman. Jensen Ackles(Dean of Supernatural) does the voice of the Red Hood. Which he does an awesome job of doing the voice of the Red Hood. When i think of Red Hood, his voice automatically comes to my head. He has that cockyness to his voice that the Red Hood has. Well in my mind anyways. Neil Patrick Harris (how i met your mother) or as i like to call him NPH, provides the voice of Nightwing and like always NPH steals the role as he is awesome like that.  This film also has a lot of blood and death which I haven't really seen much of in the rescent DC anitmated movies, well expect Wonder Woman. In this film some dude gets his head blown clear off and the Joker cuts some guys throat with a broken bottle which is mega crazy but awesome. The special feature on this Blu-Ray is awesome. Its a short film about Jonas Hex which has Thomas Jane(The first Punisher movie) doing the voice of  our favourite gun slinging Cowboy. You all should watch it.

The third Comic book film i watched over the weekend was Planet Hulk. It aint the first time i have watched Planet Hulk but i was bored and i aint seen it in since March so i throught hey, let me watch it again. So here we are. Well this film is also based on an actual real comic book storyline which is actually known as one of the best Hulk story lines of all time. The story is about the Hulk being shot off in to space because he is too dangerous to be left on earth to his on own devices so Iron man, Professor X, Black Blot and Doctor Strange decide to do so and send him off to a planet with no-one on it. But while in the rocket the Hulk goes crazy and starts smashing up his ship and it changes course and he goes to another planet with people actually living on it. While on this Planet, the Hulk loses his strenght and becomes slave to the Red King. I can't say anymore because it will start to give away the story. The film is really good and they had to change some parts of the film for like legal reasons and so that the film would end on a sad depressing note. Plus if it copy the ending fromt the comic, they would have to do a sequel, which would have been mega EPIC. But hopefully now that Disney own all the rights to the Marvel characters, we might actually World War Hulk. Always i really liked the film, the fight scenes was pretty awesome and it showed the Hulk kicking ass. Plus there is lots of blood which is kinda cool. But are also so monements that upset me abit. If your a Hulk fan or even somebody new to the Hulk character its a good movie.

Well that some of the things i did over the weekend. Well i did read some comics but i will talk about that in another blog which i shall put up in a few days. I went to a friend's 50th birthday party which was pretty good expect i didnt drink which was pretty lame. I have notice when i didnt drink, i don't dance. I personally think am a ok dancer. I wouldn''t say that am the best but i have got moves. Oh yeah, Me and my friend went old skool and pulled out the old N64 and played some WCW/NWO revenge. That game brings back menories. I miss being a kid. When your a kid, you can get away with anything. Like going days without showering with being called a dirty bastard. Not that i go days without showering now, but you get what i mean. Life was so simple back then. Plus the cartoons when i was younger are much better then the ones now. Well expect for a few. I will save that for another blog. Anyways, am off. This blog took me like 3 hours to write because i watched the Matrix, Dragonball Z kai while writing this.

I hope you enjoy and give me feedback.

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