Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Happy Belated Wild wild West Sandwiches to all of you

I know its been along time since i put out a new blog. So i thought, hey i should do one as its my day off and i ain't doing anything expect playing xbox. So happy belated Holidays. I hope you all had a good and safe one. This New Years, i stayed in and played Xbox Kinect till 7am as it was the first New Years day i had off and i thought there was no better way of spending New Years playing Dance Masters, working up a sweat. Fun times. So now its 2011, one more year till the "end of the world" if you believe in that stuff. This year seems promising movie, games and comic wise. Hopefully career wise aswell. Hopefully i sort my life and get a better job.


Black Swan

I wanna go and see the Black Swan. The main reason why i wanna see this film is because Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. I know that makes me sound very shallow for wanting to see a film because Natalie and Mila happen to be extremely hot. But am not. The plot of the film interest me. Its about a girl(Natalie Portman) who wants to be perfect and get jealous when a new girl (Mila Kunis) joins her Ballet group. It's meant to be a dark thriller. So am gona give that a watch and hopefully do a review on it. Maybe in video form. I saw an interview with Mila Kunis on IGN and she said that she had to go on a control diet for the role and had to train 6 days a week. So hats off to her and Natalie Portman who am guessing had to do the same thing. I also wanna see Your Highness which also has Natalie Portman and James Franco (Harry Osborn in the Spiderman films) which looks hella funny. If you can, look for the tralier online.

Captain America, Thor, X-Men:First Class and Green Lantern

Out of all the films coming out this year, am really looking forward to seeing all the Comic books movies and this year it looks like Marvel is gonna kill it. As this year they are bring out Captain America, Thor and X-men: First Class. Thor looks AMAZING. The tralier and pictures are mind blowing. Personally i think Thor is going to be best film out of all the comic book films going out this year. Thor looks like a bad ass and i like how they are using his new costume instead of his odd campy costume and i hear that Hawkeye is gonna make  a camero in this film.

Captain America is looking pretty promising as well. Even if there hasn't been a tralier yet but the picture taken on site look pretty good. The costume look pretty cool. The Red skull is played by Hugo Weaving who is the man and Chris Evans formerly known as Johnny Storm is playing Captain America. I hope this film is good because am a Chris Evan and Captain America fan. Am just wondering which Marvel character will make a camero in this film. Well it looks like am gonna have to wait till July to find out.

Green Lantern, this film am in two minds of. The tralier looked good and am a huge fan of Ryan Renolds but costume doesn't look right. They should of just done a real Green Lantern uniform instead of doing a CGI costume. All the aliens look awesome and so does Oa but Hal Jordan doesn't look right to me. Ryan Renolds wouldn't be my first choice to play Hal Jordan. If i was the director, i would of got him to play Guy Gardener or in Kyle Rayner or better yet, Wally West the Flash. But i will give this film a chance as its a comic book movie.

X-men First class. Am very worried about this film. From what i have heard, its meant to be set in the 60's, then i hear Cyclops is in it then he ain't and they put Havok in his place.  The only orignal x-men in this film is Beast and he is already Blue. There is no show of Jean Grey or Iceman but they have already Iceman but in the first 3 X-men films. Then i hear that its meant following the first 3 films but a reboot at the same time. What does that mean? I have heard what has happens in the tralier and it does sound good but i haven't seen any pictures taken from the set. I can understand why they would wanna change up the character roster but at least kinda stay true to the comic. But that makes me sound like a fan boy who doesn't like change. But am seriously gonna try and give this film a chance as X-men is my favourite comicbook time.

Well this blog is going on pretty long so am gonna cut it in to two parts. Well enjoy this post and i hope you enjoy this video i have added as well

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