Thursday, 16 September 2010

A few things that have crossed my mind lately

Its been a few weeks since i have actually written a blog and since then a lot of things have crossed my mind. Some are really random and some can me seen as important. Well important in my eyes anyways. As my mind as work different from other peoples. The first thing that has crossed my mind was how Awesome Will Smith is. For the last 2 weeks, its been Will Smith season on Channel 5 and they have been showing all of his best films like Ali, Men in Black, Bad Boys and the Pursuit of Happyness which i ain't seen yet. Well i have seen the end but that doesnt really court. To me, Will Smith is like the perfect role model, he has come from nothing and has become something. He can even rap, which is sometime kinda crappy but his songs are kinda catchy. Like Here come the men in black and Gettin jiggy with it. Oh that song reminds me of my childhood. I really being at my mate Adil's 13th birthday party and he got Will Smith's album for his birthday and we listen to that all day. Aww, the late 90's. That was a good time for music. I just hope Channel 5 don't show  Wild Wild West or as i call it. Men in Black 0.5 or then film that never happened. Sorry Will, but that was one of the worst film i have EVER seen and i have seen Batman and Robin and the Blair Witch 2.  The music video for the Wild Wild West was much better then the film. I have actually gone out of my way to not remember anything about that film. I can honesty say that the only Will Smith film i don't like. I remember seeing it as a 12 year old and i didnt even like it then and at 12 ever film is awesome but that wasn't the case for Wild Wild West.  Why was that film even made, seriously??? whoever wrote it should be ashamed of himself and should pay me back the money i spent on my ticket to that film. Because that film blowed.

Another thing that has crossed my mind. Is it me or can only a small amount of girls can pull of having short hair. Not short hair like Kanye's ex girlfriend or how short Brittney Spear's had it. But like up to their ears like Frankie from The Saturdays or like Keri Hilson. Some like girls with short hair look extremely but some girls who try and rock the short hair look, come off looking like Lesbians or dudes. I aint got anything against lesbians. I think i have a friend who is a lesbian. But its true. Their should be a law where only some girls can have short hair. And no girl should be allowed to have a bald head or a buzz cut because that is just wrong. But i still think girls that have natural curly hair are the best. There is something about them.

Also Ke$ha just seems very dirty to me. Dirty as in she doesn't believe in having a bath. She could be hot if she actually looked clean and not dirty looking. She aint no Katy Perry.

And thank Thor that Big Brother has finally finished. Now Scrubs is back on late night. It was sad to see it end but i stopped watching Big Brother. It just got boring and stupid plus i normally only watch it if there is a hot girl inside the house but this year, it didnt deliver the goods. But I know Big Brother will be back in about 2 years but they will change the name or the rules or something. Because TV show now are just recycled ideas.

But anyways am gonna stop before my rant goes on and ends up being about nothing. Thanks for reading and until next time.


  1. Wild Wild West was an awful movie...I want to see it in the theater.

  2. Wild Wild West is beyond awful. I sometimes wish it was never made